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Student Feedback Comments
By SkillsPlus International Inc.

CGMP Essentials

The exercises were great!
The lack of excessive breaks was  great time saver.
Lively and friendly.
Hands on activities.
The instructor's experience was very helpful.
Group activities helped in the learning.
It never dragged on. Allan seems to know when to move on.
Teacher was great!
Content explained clearly.
A nice balance of PowerPoint and activities.
This class helped me see where we need to make changes in what we are doing.

Train the Trainer

This is the first class I ever attended with SkillsPlus and I can tell you of all the classes I have ever attended anywhere, and I have attended many, this is the first that I did not want to leave early. Thank You!
I attended your CGMP Trainer class in San Francisco in 2007. Wonderful training that has served me well as I have progressed in the Training profession. (Comment emailed to us in 2011.)

Qualstar Simulation

I actually learned something new in his CGMP class, thank you.
The instructor is very knowledgeable.
Very interactive.
Definitely not another boring CGMP class.
Interesting and fast-paced.
It was fun!
It was hands-on. I liked that.
I actually learned something new this time.
Allan was engaging.
Allan never read from the slides. He added to what was on the screen.
What an original presentation style.
He was entertaining and informative.
The instructor's enthusiasm was great.
The class was offered on our shift.
He kept everyone involved.

Auditing Batch Records for Compliance

I liked the systematic approach.
I had no idea one could go into so much detail about Batch Records.
I like the "under the hood" concept!
A got a much better idea about what I should be doing when reviewing Batch Records.
Allan's classes are always so open. He never makes me feel foolish for asking questions.
The exercises were great!

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