Inspection Detection


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Inspection Detection
By SkillsPlus International Inc.

This product has been discontinued.

An extensive library of 483 citation summaries from the FDA. Match the case with the corresponding 21CFR211 reference. Used as a classroom training tool or for self study, this training aid challenges the student to identify and justify the 21CFR211 reference that supports the 483 citation.

What this program does for you

  • Introduces students to current issues of concern for the FDA
  • Facilitates CGMP in class discussion
  • Enhances group participation
  • Strengthens your message for greater compliance
  • Exposes students to 21CFR211
  • Focus discussion on specific the Subparts of CGMPs
  • Call to schedule an on line demonstration - 415.948.5220

Included in this game

  • Based on actual 483 citations.
  • Subpart B-K and General CGMPs
  • Editable 483 citations and 21CFR211 references
  • Simple editing in ExcelTM

Purchase Options

  • Entire Library
  • Individual Topics
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ID-00 Inspection Detection Full Library 
Includes all subparts B-K 
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