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This product has been discontinued.

Welcome to the latest line of products from SkillsPlus International Inc. As many trainers know, creating excitement about the next training topic or  keeping the message alive after training is always a challenge.

This line of motivational items created by the well-known San Francisco artist Francis Redman, attracts attention and reinforces the message. Select the product, select the image and then select the message.

Large Posters - 23 x 35 (This product line has been discontinued) 
9 Different posters and 45 different slogans to choose from.

Biotech  Code Captions


F01 Avoid contamination! Follow gowning SOPs
F02 Report cleaning deviations
F03 Investigate cleaning deviations
F04 Assure current practice. Follow cleaning procedures
F05 Follow maintenance procedures


Clean Room Code Captions
G01 Are you properly gowned for the work to be performed?
G02 Proper gowning required - Clean room
G03 Don't go bare, cover all head & facial hair
G04 There is no place for soiled gowns in your work area
G05 Replace work gloves that become damaged or soiled


Documentation Code Captions
A01 Follow proper documentation practices and assure good records
A02 Enter complete information to assure record integrity
A03 Sign or initial all entries at the time work is done
A04 Sign or initial all entries to confirm your work
A05 Your signature means work is correct according to SOP


Handwashing Code Captions
D01 Wash hands before and after consuming foods
D02 Wash hands before resuming work
D03 Give CGMPs a boost. Wash hands after restroom use
D04 Wash with warm water, soap and dry thoroughly
D05 Wash with warm water, soap and use single service towels


Laboratory Code Captions
B01 Wear safety glasses and protect your eyes
B02 Safety rules are made to live by. Wear the right equipment
B03 Follow laboratory procedures to assure current practice
B04 Label all reagents to avoid mix ups and errors
B05 Always use clean laboratory glassware


Maintenance Code Captions
C01 Follow maintenance procedures
C02 Document all entries in real time
C03 Assure complete & accurate log book entries
C04 Know the current procedure before you begin
C05 Check for change controls


Procedures Code Captions
H01 Follow current procedures for consistent quality
H02 Know your procedures
H03 Training is required on all procedures for your job
H04 Are you qualified for this procedure?
H05 Are you qualified to perform this function?


Quality Code Captions
E01 Quality depends on you
E02 Quality can not be tested into the product
E03 Build in quality!
E04 Your responsibility is to build quality in to the product
E05 Take pride in our products


Instrumentation Code Captions
J01 Is it calibrated?
J02 Have you checked the calibration status?
J03 Check all calibration due dates
J04 Are the calibration due dates on schedule?
J05 Remember, tare before use


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